University Design Insights

UDI hosts and shares original and curated publications highlighting innovative stories of higher education transformation. Content is generated from diverse sources around the world and organized around six (6) university design imperatives. Among the portfolio of original UDI content are varied products from our Blueprints for University Design (BUDs) series and our Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), along with recorded talks from the Frank Rhodes Lecture Series (FRLS).

UDI also publishes a monthly curated news digest, the Global University (GUD) Monitor, which includes current insights on why and how higher education is transforming. Access past issues and subscribe here.

Select a Specific Area of Insight

Exploring insights, innovations and best practices in redefining the mission for higher education globally.

Exploring the concepts, best practices and frameworks for advancing transformational leaders and cultures in higher education globally.

Exploring innovations in teaching and learning to advance the future of learners globally.

Exploring new models and concepts for funding, partnerships and resource acquisition for higher education globally.

Exploring new concepts and approaches to drive innovative knowledge generation and discovery for higher education globally.

Exploring the trends, influences and strategies for driving digital solutions and transformation for higher education globally.