Our Solutions

UDI offers customized, flexible and dynamic client experiences. Our solutions blend best practices, innovations, research- driven frameworks and models, and ideas co-created in partnership with clients. We bring rich expertise in design, a global network of experts and partner organizations and a rapidly evolving knowledge base to support transformation efforts in higher education.

Design Services

Our customized design engagements focus on moving from ideas to implementation to drive institutional transformation.

Discovery and Ideation

Experiences focused on collaboratively imagining a desired future, creatively generating solutions, and funneling ideas for implementation.

Examples: Workshops, Strategic Roundtables, Rapid Prototyping Sessions

Designs for Implementation

Multi-phased engagements to co-design and develop structures, strategies and processes for successful implementation.

Examples: Design Consultation, Strategic Planning Support, Programs

Digital Transformation

This initiative focuses on 5 core areas where rapid change is required to support a technology-driven educational ecosystem.

Core Areas: Learning Transformation, Leadership and Culture, Student Support Services, Instructional Infrastructure, Partnerships.

"Being able to transform, and knowing what the process is for transformation, is very inspiring for us."

Dr. Carlos Ivan Moreno Arellano, Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Design Resources

Developed with leading higher education experts with deep global experience in university design, our resources support higher education leaders in thinking critically and creatively about the future of their institutions.


Thought-provoking dialogues with a global network of experts to drive new ways of thinking and doing in higher education.

Design Tools

A portfolio of tools to support institutions in advancing change. Examples include: frameworks, assessments, models, and scorecards.

Resource Library

A collection of curated and original content in higher education design. Examples include: articles, cases, white papers and videos.

"As a policy maker and also a researcher, I’ve been searching for the best learning model in higher education around the world, and I think I found it in ASU."

Ju-Ho Lee, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Korea