Our design logic

The University Design Institute(UDI) believes that universities can and should serve as core drivers of social impact and economic value. Yet most higher education institutions around the world are designed to solve old problems. Higher education needs to be transformed through new models, purpose-driven partnerships, collaboration across sectors, leapfrogging ideas and a relentless focus on innovation.
This work cannot be done alone. UDI utilizes co-design to shape discovery, design and transformation together. Co-design unites our partner institutions' insights, direction, and needs with our research-based frameworks, expert advisors, and best practices. Together, we imagine a desired future and design solutions for transformation. 
UDI takes a holistic approach, focusing on transformation at the leader-level, university-level, and systems-level. This comprehensive design strategy leads to impactful and sustainable change.


We utilize CO-DESIGN

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How we think of transformation

UDI embraces the philosophy that actual and sustainable change in higher education requires attention to (re)design at multiple levels. This inclusive and holistic approach is reflected in the full suite of UDI offerings

How we Think

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