Transforming higher education

The world is changing...


People across the world to be fed by 2050


Growth of greenhouse gas emissions since 1970


Children who will ultimately perform jobs that do not yet exist


Estimated increase in higher education enrollment by 2030


Countries have closed schools & universities due to COVID-19


Employees who will need major upskilling or reskilling

…so must higher education

At University Design Institute™ (UDI), our vision is for universities to emerge as powerful engines of social and economic impact.

We are uniquely based in a living laboratory of innovation and we collaborate with a network of higher education experts across the globe to catalyze transformation.

UDI design services, programs, and resources center on six imperatives that are critical to transformation in higher education

University Mission

Expanding beyond academics and research to incorporate broader societal concerns and needs. 

Leaders and Culture

Demonstrations of flexible leaders, structures, systems, and policies, and investments in leadership at multiple levels. 

Partnerships and Financial Models

Ways to approach university funding needs beyond single sources or government dependencies. 

Learner Experience

Curricula, pedagogical and support approaches to address new types of learners and new demands of postsecondary graduates. 

Digital Solutions

Incorporation of current and future-sensitive digital technologies in teaching and learning university operations and student support.

Research and Discovery

Ways to comprehensively and collaboratively address pressing research challenges and social problems across disciplines, institutions and geographies.  

A core tenet of ASU’s mission is to apply our talent, tools and resources to meaningfully address societal challenges at scale. At UDI, we delve into the relationship between design, perpetual innovation and social transformation, and exchange ideas about how the higher education system can continue to demonstrate leadership and service to learners, communities, and societies worldwide.

Dr. Michael Crow President, Arizona State University; Chair, University Design Institute