Transforming Higher Education

The University Design Institute (UDI) is a catalyst for transformation in
higher education.

UDI engages diverse stakeholders to design and advance innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions. We support clients to build capacity for transformation as they tackle current challenges and prepare for the future. UDI’s outcomes impact workforce development, social transformation and economic success.







The work we do is centered around 6 design pillars that are critical to transformational change in higher education. At the core of these pillars is a relentless commitment to reimagining and innovating higher education models.

University Mission

University design for greater social and economic impact

Adapting to trends and market changes

Sustainable structures and systems

Leaders and Cultures

Agile and adaptive decision making

Investing in leaders at all levels in the university

Fostering and nurturing a culture of innovation

Teaching and Learning

Preparing learners for the future

Innovations in curriculum design

Strategies for student support

Resource Diversification

Strategic partnerships

Entrepreneurial approaches to resource acquisition

Philanthropic investments

Knowledge Generation & Discovery

Interdisciplinary collaborations

Expanding research capabilities

Multi-university partnerships

Digital Solutions

Online and hybrid delivery models

Infrastructure for digital solutions

Leveraging technology for operations

"A core tenet of ASU’s mission is to apply our talent, tools and resources to meaningfully address societal challenges at scale. At UDI, we delve into the relationship between design, perpetual innovation and social transformation, and exchange ideas about how the higher education system can continue to demonstrate leadership and service to learners, communities, and societies worldwide."

Dr. Michael Crow
President, Arizona State University
Chairman, University Design Institute